Terms of service

By using iWTF, you are bound to the follwing terms

1. What's Not Allowed:

3DPD Nutidy is strictly prohibited on iWTF. Please don't use iWTF to store/upload/distribute 3DPD content.

2. Copyright Stuff?

All contents being hosted on iWTF is "Fair Use" and/or "Fair Dealing". It is ok for you to upload anything that doesn't violate article 1. iWTF will ignore all groundless legal claim.

3. Other Conditions:

Any bishoujos including, but not limited to loli, kouhai, classmates, osananjimi, miko, nekomimi, except oneechan and senpai on iWTF belong to Checkmate. You agree to waive your waifu ownership when you upload to iWTF.